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October 12, 2017
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In today’s society consuming any kind of smoke to your lungs can be dangerous. It is important when using alternative medicine to use it in the safest form possible. With CBD being proven to provide medical benefits, the new focus is the safest way…

Dabbing is the most common form of consumption for concentrates. Dabbing consist of lighting a nail using a blowtorch until it turns red. The approximate time for the nail to cool down after turning bright red is 30 seconds at 600 Fahrenheit. As a result the nail is no longer red. When the nail cools down apply the wax and inhale. Most cases, there is a dome to put over the nail to collect all of the smoke to inhale as much of the product as necessary. With dabbing being the most common way of consumption, this form is looked down on because the inhalation of butane or propane while lighting the nail. Butane and propane, unlike CBD has no medical benefit inside of the consumption into your lungs.

An easy solution to get around the butane and propane is called an “enail.”

All of the butane and propane is no longer needed, as enails do not require any kind of lighting to heat at proposed operating temperature. These nails are designed to put coil around a nail, which after connected to power can act as a heating element. This keeps the nail at a constant adjustable temperature. This prevents from having to continue to coat the nail in propane or butane, releasing pressure on your lungs when inhaling. Not only is this a good because the low amount of extra elements you are adding to your lungs, but the nail will stay at the right temperature so you don’t have to continue to wait for the red nail to cool down.

Now that the guesswork is out of the picture, when using an enail, this creates a relaxed experience while consuming a safe CBD extract. The enail is compatible with all forms of concentrates. If you prefer a CBD Dab Wax, normal procedure still takes place when taking a small amount using a dab tool and applying it to the nail. You can also use your favorite watermelon CBD oil with the enail. Same concept let the nail heat to normal operating temperature, then apply the concentrate directly to the nail.

Enail for Home Use

As the enail is the safest choice for in home use, you aren’t always at home when you are in need of a cure for your symptoms. Using the same concept as an electronic heating, a vape pen either with a button or button less provides the same safety without using butane. On the go consumption, may be necessary you never know when stress may hit, pain may hit and the safest way to solve your symptoms is consuming CBD. The CBD oil cartridges are designed for the convenience of using when not at home. These contain the right amount of CBD to inhale with a safe vape pen. A recent article on details other aspects of healthy cbd intake.

With the advance in medicine we are now presented with safe opportunities to live a happy life style. Starting with CBD to the best way to consume CBD. Enail’s are designed for at home use to safely consume CBD. For those vacations and family outings the best option is a vape pen to get the same CBD in the best form without hurting your lungs.

Where to get an enail?

Many local head shops and even dispensaries will have a setup for you to use with your associated dabbing equipment. We’ve also found that the lowest priced and best quality options exist at for an enail at

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